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An ode to Fashion Polaroids
Roland nostalgically looks back in time to an analogue generation - an era he would gladly describe as the golden age of Fashion Photography that paved the way to what it is today. The pace, defined by the available mediums and tools of the time, makes us dream of simpler yet revolutionary times.
This week’s #MouretInspiration is an ode to fashion polaroids, which preceded the instantaneous sneak-peeks offered by today’s digital cameras. Helmut Newton once described how polaroids acted as a first sketch of a photograph. As a matter of fact, his wife collected his polaroids and used them as coasters for her dinner parties.
The portraits 2016, Guy Bourdin © The Guy Bourdin Estate
Many other pioneers of photography also gathered their test polaroids into collectible books.
Guy Bourdin, renowned for his controversial fashion narratives, was a master of this practice. His colour palette inspired Mouret’s latest drop, crafted in Crimson, Powder Blue, Black and White. He explored and intertwined many techniques in the imaging process, such as the ‘mise en abyme’ that consists of adding an additional image within the frame of another picture. Being the avant-garde visionary that he is, he inserted black and white polaroids into colour fashion photographs, breaking photography codes of the time.
Polaroid by Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan, 1977, © The Guy Bourdin Estate
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