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Being an eternal photography enthusiast, Roland looks upon a leading figure of the Swinging Sixties for inspiration: David Bailey. Considered as one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, the Bailey is known to have reinvented and revolutionized portrait and fashion photography. He captured some of the most outstanding, captivating and inimitable black and white portrait, nearly making the type of image a trademark. The British photographer shot several icons over the years, one of which sparked Mouret’s curiosity: Jean Shrimpton.

During Bailey’s making of the ‘Swinging London’ in the 60s, he largely focused on reflecting the elegant fashion and celebrity culture of the time. Having helped Shrimpton rise to fame, he had initially met her on the rooftop of the Vogue offices and instantly turned her into his muse. The modelling icon became his lover, forming a notorious relationship and photography legacy.

Inspired by the kinetic duo, Roland highlights the British-generated movie ‘We’ll Take Manhattan’ depicting the start of their love affair and tumultuous adventures after meeting on the prestigious Vogue shoot in New York in 1962. Starring Karen Gillan as Jean and Aneurin Barnard as David, the movie explores their story through a chic and scenic lens while they unwittingly change the fashion world.

‘We were so young. I don't think Bailey or anyone had any idea how important the work we were doing was...we were just kids really, I was 18 when I first started working with Bailey. I met him on the roof of Vogue"
Jean Shrimpton
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