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Mouret continues to be inspired by numerous artists who play with colour blocking. Being a strong believer in colour therapy there’s no wonder why Matisse, widely known as 'the Master of colour', was an influence to the latest Spring/Summer collection. A collection filled with an array of vibrant colours.
This shot of Matisse and his last muse Lydia Delectorskaya, snipping paper cut outs at his studio in Nice was particularly inspiring to Mouret. Reminiscent of Summers spent in the South of France paired with Matisse’s timeless and imperfect beauty of handmade things is an idyllic combination. 
The cut-outs are generally viewed as Matisse’s artistic climax at the end of his life, a creative reinvention sprung from major surgery after which he needed to develop a new way of creating art.
Whilst gradually embracing the cut-out practice with the help of Delectorskaya, Matisse came to realise that although he used it as a means to an end, it could exist independently. It could be a work of art in its own right, capable of expressing form and movement. He would pin them to the wall of his studios, in endless mutations and possibilities, pinned, un-pinned, re-pinned, all in the same manner as a designer draping. They grew all around the walls of his studios building form and in doing so, he pushed the boundaries of art from the traditional easel.
The intensity of the colours of these cut-outs or 'gouaces découpées', was said to give viewers a 'spiritual effect' of joy. The perfect example of colour therapy!
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