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3/3 AW21 FILMS:

WE ARE WOMXN By Charlie Max

This Autumn Winter, Roland Mouret manifests his ongoing interest in celebrating the female identity by featuring the empowering narratives of three female directors: NETTI HURLEY, CHARLIE MAX AND CONSTANCE MAILLET. Inspired by all things feminine, Mouret dives into their cinematic world by asking them to create a film exploring the concept of legacy passed down from woman to woman.

Wrapping up Mouret’s AW21 collaboration on the female experience and legacy with Charlie Max’s film, ‘WE ARE WOMXN’. Nature, nurture and nudity are the essence of Charlie’s celebration of the female body. In her film, four women experience life’s most intrinsic activities by reconnecting to their pure selves and feminine power.

‘Feminine energy is inherently powerful. With this film, we want to showcase how to tap into this power that we all inherently possess: by nurturing our minds and bodies.’

‘WE ARE WOMXN’ is an eternalized moment in the lives of empowering women dressed and undressed in Roland Mouret. Fluid and liberating, the Ivel and the Dolen dress worn by the free spirits radiate power, ease and confidence.

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