1/3 AW21 FILMS:
SAME MOTHER by Constance Maillet

This Autumn Winter, Roland Mouret manifests his ongoing interest in celebrating the female identity by featuring the empowering narratives of three female directors: NETTI HURLEY, CHARLIE MAX AND CONSTANCE MAILLET. Inspired by all things feminine, Mouret dives into their cinematic world by asking them to create a film exploring the concept of legacy passed down from woman to woman.

The three female creators were selected from the UK, US and France. I love seeing how each woman has developed the brief through her own lens, bringing together their different perspectives on the experience of being a woman today and the impact other women have had on their experience.’ said Roland Mouret.

The artworks will be showcased on our channels in the following weeks, beginning with ‘SAME MOTHER’ by Constance Maillet, a French director and screenwriter who’s been developing her eye for 10 years with DOP Victor Gueret, and her best friend, French actress Manon Azem. Her work often calls into question traditional gender norms and notions of femininity. Together, Constance and Manon have just finished filming #Boomer, a new French TV series, which will be broadcast on OCS next November.

For her collaboration with Mouret, Constance translates the female experience by questioning the power of the gaze. In a dance between sister and brother, Manon and Jules Azem, the tight detail shots of fabric flowing in the wind, clothing straps being tied and two figures dancing together leave the question of whose body is whose ambiguous. This ambiguity allows the audience to question how the gaze continues to influence our perception of the female body and clothing. The diaphanous Peron gown is shared between the two protagonists, offering total freedom to the body and allowing the dance to be.
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