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#MouretInspiration - The Age of Insouciance

This week’s tune is a melody we have all been impatiently waiting to sing: a hymn to brighter skies. Roland daydreams of long Mediterranean summers, of the fiery-hot sand scattered with striped beach towels and nonchalant youth.  

These fleeting moments are captured by one of Mouret’s favorite artists: Norman Parkinson.


Known for his innovative work and spirited wit, Norman revolutionized photography by introducing a spontaneous dynamic to his pictures shot in real-world locations. His technique set the world ablaze in the post-war years which had never encountered such buoyancy.

Mouret looks to Parkinson’s images of sophisticated yet carefree models on the shore, reflecting that playful and insouciant mindset we long for dearly.

Inspired by the ebb and flow of the crashing waves, Roland envisions a shirting capsule of white and blue striped poplins expertly draped for maximum effortlessness.
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