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Women in Mouret: Amber Jean Rowan

We are delighted to welcome actress and model, Amber Jean Rowan, as our latest 'Woman in Mouret'. Throughout the day shooting with Amber in east London, we discovered more about her enthusiasm for yoga, acting career and Hair Free Life project. 


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The smell of incense permeates the east London home where actress Amber Jean Rowan has just returned after an extended period in Goa. “I really wanted to become a yoga teacher,” Amber enthuses. “I’ve been doing yoga for the past 3 years and it’s become a really essential part of my life. It chills me out, it makes me calm, it keeps me fit and it just mellows me.” If anyone embodies the essence of calm and mellow, it’s Amber. She emanates a placidity you’d rarely expect to find in one of the fastest-paced cities in the world.


Yet here is Amber as the eleventh ‘Woman in Mouret’: the whole Roland team are immediately hooked and we blithely succumb to her soothing charm and charisma within seconds. “All my freckles came out in the sun! I’m all freckly,” Amber laughs as her ease almost makes you feel like she could be your sister or life-long friend.


Her talents lie in acting and sound talents they are: “what gets my blood rushing is a great story and working with people I respect,” Amber tells us. She continues, “seeing a character that has depth and knowing you’re the only person who could play that part – those are the roles I feel excited about. I’ve played some great women over the past few years.” There’ve been Netflix gigs including the series ‘Guilt’, the BBC series ‘Ripper Street’ and the upcoming film ‘Nocturnal’.


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Amber lights up most when she talks about Hair Free Life, the platform she created for women and men with alopecia, having had alopecia herself for over ten years since she was 15. On today’s shoot she leaves her wig off; she’s strikingly beautiful. “I wanted to create a space that the 15-year-old me would have loved; a safe space for those going through hair loss and building a community so people don’t feel alone,” she elaborates. “When I was first going through alopecia all I wanted to do was talk to someone real who’d been through the same thing.” The incredible platform covers everything from tips on eyelash glue and how to draw eyebrows, to discussions about self-esteem and wellness topics more generally. Essentially, this is your no-hair bible, with easy-access advice from somebody who is devoted to nurturing a community and help each person realise their own beauty. “The past year has been really fascinating. Me accepting myself. Maybe other people with hair loss might get inspired. It shouldn’t matter – you should embrace exactly who you are.” 


Aside from the acting and Hair Free Life work, Amber has worked on-and-off as a model, with a welcomed evolution over time. “Modelling has become a way of showing women or men who have no hair that it’s absolutely fine.” In her early modelling career there was the solace of knowing Amber could be Amber wearing a wig in front of the camera: “the idea of doing a shoot without my wig was the most terrifying thing,” she says. “The fact that I was able to model with my wig gave me a confidence and I was just happy it didn’t hinder my career. It’s now become such a wonderful experience choosing to model without my wig and seeing people be so wonderfully receptive towards that.” 


Pitched amongst the hubbub of London you realise how delicate her movements are. We meander around Broadway Market in London’s Hackney district, visiting Amber’s favourite coffee and book shops, as she navigates this comparatively docile area with the same wide-eyed animation as in the City’s bursting pedestrian thoroughfares near Liverpool Street where we later end up. Along the way Amber bumps into various friends and acquaintances, greeting them with equal Amber-portion smiles. This is what Amber does best – arms-open community, smile and embrace, and warmth.


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