Women In Mouret – Funmi Fetto Interview

Introducing #WomenInMouret, a series featuring women that we love wearing Roland Mouret in their own unique ways, imbuing their favourite pieces with their real life environments and lifestyles. The project is set to embody Roland’s admiration for women of strong individuality with unique attitudes to life, while showcasing the diversity of the Roland Mouret collections.  


Shot by documentary photographer Vianney Le Caer, the series starts with Funmi Fetto, Contributing Beauty Editor and Columnist at British Vogue. Funmi wears Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2018 in South London’s Mayow Park and while grocery shopping in the iconic Brixton Market, both closely located to where Funmi grew up and still lives.


Following the shoot, we got a moment with Funmi to talk about her point of view on life, style and of course about being a Woman In Mouret.



1       Where are you?

Currently in Vogue House after finishing shooting in Brixton and in the London Underground, which I use on a daily basis.


2.       What is the best thing about being a woman?

I love everything about being a woman; there is no ‘one’ thing. I’m not a fan of stereotypes –I have always been a strong advocate of individuality – even from a very young age - and that has never been driven by gender.


3.       Who are your heroes?

Ordinary people doing extraordinary selfless acts  - usually under the radar -  to create change in people’s lives and society as a whole.


4.      What is style to you?

Owning who you are rather than trying to be someone else.


5.    A piece of clothing that feels magical?

An old full-length green and gold brocade skirt I found at a vintage clothing store in Aldeburgh. I paid £10 for it.


6.       When do you feel most empowered?

All the time. I am not in a society where I am silenced or oppressed or made to feel fear for using my voice to speak out on issues I feel strongly about, be it politics, social issues, race, the concept of beauty or lazy journalism! For that I feel incredibly grateful because this is a right and a freedom every woman in the world should enjoy.


7.       Do you have a hidden talent?

Ha! I wish. I mean I can sing and dance but not so well to win any plaudits!  Jesting aside, whatever talents I believe I’ve been blessed with, I try to use openly – no point hiding your light under a bushel.


8.       What in life gives you most pleasure? Or What makes you happy?

Being with my entire family. It’s loud, it’s bonkers and it’s my happy place.


9.      How do you wear Roland Mouret?

With great pleasure. The clothes are so meticulously designed but don’t feel precious at all which is why I can take a grand floor sweeping skirt and pair it with a plain white tee and trainers or wear a silk dress with punk boots. I am all about juxtaposition dressing.


10      Defining moment that has gotten you to where you are now?

It was a mindset switch. My life changed when I decided to care less. When I say that, I mean caring less what people think, caring less about fitting in to what and who society thinks you should be, caring less about being liked or accepted. And simply being secure in who you are.  It is incredibly liberating.


11      Your favourite food or drink?

Jollof Rice with Fried Plantain and Oxtail with Butter beans. If I was on death row that would definitely be my final meal request!


12      Your favourite book or story?

I love anything and everything written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A recent favourite is David Sedaris’ Calypso.


13      Your spirit animal?

My children frequently call me Lion… Long story.


14      Your favourite Roland piece?

That red silk dress is phenomenal. It is a head turning conversation starter that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. I think of it as the ultimate, super chic , super-hero costume.


15      Where are you going next? (today or travel)

A few beaches in Normandy.

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