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Women in Mouret: Giannie Couji

Giannie Couji is a tour de force as the Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Ubikwist Magazine. The epitome of the multi-faceted woman we celebrate through our ‘Women in Mouret' series, Giannie has held positions at i-D Magazine and Above Magazine, as well as working with numerous other fashion magazines and a host of photographers. Giannie is a prolific stylist and has even forayed into the world of music videos. Her vivacity compels creativity and shows no sign of dimming.


Vianney Le Caer captures these candid images of Giannie in NYC at the launch of the latest issue of Ubikwist.



Taking our cue from Roland's mantra that we are in an era of ‘taking action’ and ‘doing’ in order to effect change, we ask our Mouret women the verb that best captures their ethos and sense of self.


For Giannie Couji the verb that best captures her spirit is THINK, so we asked her what she thinks about when she’s happiest... Giannie tells us, “how blessed I am to do what I like even it’s very difficult sometimes.”


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