Pre-Winter 2018


“It’s all in the movement...movement is key. She needs to be able to move freely, as though the dress is her second skin. It is essential the dress moves with the freedom of the woman who is wearing it, and I’m always conscious of this when I drape. Once she has the dress on, she shouldn’t have to think about it again.”
Roland Mouret

Drawing inspiration from contemporary dance masters Martha Graham and Pina Bausch, Roland Mouret’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection embodies the freedom of expression through movement. Epitomising such freedom is rising star Kota Eberhardt, a multi-talented model, dancer, actress, and artist. Eberhardt’s fearless and dynamic philosophy to life transverses itself through the lens, and here brings to life the designer’s new collection.

Dance is the ultimate expression of movement, between bodies and clothes. Roland offers a transition from the glamorous fetishisation of women’s bodies, where the body is implied and thus empowered; through the pure animation of emotion, he embraces the form and energy of the individual.

Contemporary dancer Martha Graham demonstrated a revolutionary movement within the performing arts, crossing boundaries to elevate her innovative style through dramatic expression.

While Pina Bausch’s raw approach to modern dance earned her great recognition, her commitment to using emotive gesture tells vivid stories which challenge preconceptions. Both bold and fearless, their storytelling is beautifully emulated in the fluid silhouettes within the offering.

This season, the Roland Mouret silhouette evolves further into a more relaxed fit of high-waisted wide leg trousers, flowing spotted lurex fils coupé gowns and puff-sleeved A-line dresses. Fuller skirts; tea length hemlines and shoulder-baring necklines find balance in an eclectic mix of fabrics that include diamond checked weave, textured shell organza and silk hammered satin. Solid bright colours bring further life to the collection, in vivid Persian red, pistachio, candy pink and cornflower blue, while boxy jackets with exposed lapels and belted lightweight coats bring a structured, modern air to the collection.

Mouret’s transformational collection emphasises liberal sensuality and gracefulness, yet never losing sight of the reality and magic of the female form. Exploring the depth of what can be communicated through movement and gesture, the designer who loves women so much encourages them to inject their own personalities and life experiences into pieces.

This feeling of freedom and fearlessness becomes embodied in Kota Eberhardt (@Kotaeberhardt), the actress and artist so well at ease in her body. And so, she should be: after all she has a black belt in martial arts and knows how strongly stillness and movement present to the world, as she tells the Mouret team in her interview below.

Indeed, for the first time, Roland turns the questions on to the model-muse presenting his new collection. A first in a series that you will be able to discover on this website and other brand’s digital properties. Read through or watch the filmed interview below. We dare you not to fall in love with her as we all did here.

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